Best Ways to Help Kids Learn to Tell Time

One basic skill that every child needs to learn is on how to tell the time on the clock. It is really important for kids to learn this for him to be able to participate in family affairs efficiently. You have to teach your child when he can already count from 1 to 12. This is a good indication that he has the basic skills to read a clock. There are some ways that you can do to help your kid learn on how to read a clock.

One important thing that you need to teach him is the basic information about the clock and incorporate it in his school. Try to teach him that he can use a lot of things like wall clocks, watches and many others to read the time. Make him point out the time for each of his subject so that he will learn fast and easy.

You have to teach your kids about the basic parts of the clock. Try to explain the numbers that he will see in there. Let him familiarize himself with the hands of the clock and their respective functions. Try to tell him that the longer hand is for minutes and the shorter one is for hours.

Try to give him some tools for him to follow you while you are making an improvised clock. Give basic tools like paper plate, sticks, glue and a lot more. This will surely help in making him familiar with the clock. Make sure that he will be able to write the numbers accurately. It is one good way to teach him on how to read the time using his own improvised clock.

One good way to teach him on how to tell time is to incorporate the element of time in his daily activity. Try to include time in some of his activities like breakfast or lunch. You can also include play time and set the time on a specific hour so that he will be able to remember it.

There are a lot of ways that you can teach your kid to tell the time in the watch. There is one thing that you always need to remember and that is to remain patient in teaching him. Try to understand that kids will not be able to learn if you will not put effort in teaching them.

Buying your kid a watch is one of the best ways to let him or her learn quickly.